Slippers or Stilettos?

The Tale of… Double Vision
25ml Absolut Citron Vodka
25ml Absolut Kurrant Vodka
2 dashes Angostura bitters
Fresh apple juice
Unfortunately the case of seeing double in relationships happens just too often today. It becomes an issue for many to remember that they are in a relationship with one person. Monogamy is a sort of privilege now, telling the person you are seeing that you don’t want to see anyone else but them is seen as a romantic gesture. It seems to be a step forward for the couple, is it not just the first step?
However, once in the relationship seeing double is like seeing a red flashing light, danger is coming and the smart thing to do is run. However, this does not always seem to be the case, and as much as I’d love to have a rant about how it is the men of the world who are to blame for the heartbreak caused by cheating, we cannot deny that some of the girls are just as bad.
Listening to a girl talking to her friends in the toilet of a club about how after endless hours of being pursued by a lad she had finally given in to him- I was absolutely disgusted to then hear her say that she doesn’t know whether to tell her long term boyfriend back home!
Cheating at University is an increasing phenomenon, and somehow, people find a way to justify it due to the “strain” of the relationship and how hard it has been for them. Can anyone blame them for making a little mistake after a few too many Fresher’s drinks? BITCH PLEASE!
So why is it that so many often sway from that long-term boyfriend, the one you were so happy and comfortable with? Maybe that is exactly the problem?
The hot mysterious guy with charming lines and an open wallet approaches you in the club and a girl seems to be drawn in and the vibrating phone in your clutch suddenly buzzes on numb hands.
True to the name of this refreshing cocktail, I have ventured to explain this ‘double vision’ through the help of shoe analogy… because that is one thing we know we understand.
“Sometimes every girl needs her stilettos”
I’m going to put a predicament to you girls. If you had to choose between the two, would you choose to give up your slippers or stilettos?

You’d give up your slippers?.. Guess what? You just dumped your boyfriend.

Would you really want to give up your slippers? But what is a night out without those gorgeous heels you spent a week’s wages on? Those magical objects that make your legs look 10 times longer.

The dilemma starts to fill your head as you imagine those precious moments as you step in the door while it’s raining or snowing outside, take off your wet socks and there they are, waiting to caress your feet back to warmth. I can’t deny the happiness I feel inside when I get a new pair of slippers, and the thoughts of going home to them.
Your slippers are the long term boyfriends of the world. And like your slippers, the excitement of having them tends to fade when they aren’t new anymore. But you appreciate having them, and if they weren’t there, you would miss them. But unfortunately, nothing much changes. It’s familiar and it’s the same. Where this can be one of the nicest parts of a relationship, it may also be the start of where the eyes (or feet) start to wander.
Now the stilettos, they are the exciting ones. These are the tall dark handsome men who promise to steal you away. There’s nothing boring about stilettos, just as sex with stilettos is a wild fantasy embedded in the brain of every male, there is a magnetic attraction that pulls girls to them.
We all have the opportunity to succumb to temptation, and just as that pair of stilettos can hurt your bank balance because you really should have resisted, that’s what that exciting stranger can do to your faithful slippers back home.
We cannot deny that usually, after a while our slippers get old, they don’t keep us as warm and you have to throw them away.
But, even though your stilettos can show you a good time, some of them will only last a night, and no matter how good your night has been, in the end, they’ll probably end up hurting you…
Tread carefully girls.