What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?…

The Tale of… The Moscow Mule

2 measures Vodka
1 Measure Lime Juice
Topped up with Ginger Beer
In the fashion world, a mule is a backless shoe or slipper. In the world of relationships and dating, a mule is exactly the same thing. That guy or girl who has no balls, no back bone. The ‘bad seeds’. And in this world, the only thing to do is avoid them like a superstitious sort avoids cracks in the pavement.
One of the most common things we see portrayed about girls is their sense of pure terror when the guy she likes looks her way. Her first reaction would be to duck her head and run the other way, out of fear of making an absolute idiot of herself. So I suppose we could say they were the cowards.
But the men, the sleezey ones you find in clubs that don’t have the guts to come up to you, put themselves on the line and actually tell you they find you attractive or would like to buy you a drink, are much worse.  They would prefer to express their interest in the form of an ass grab or utter obvious and crude stare down where even though he is not touching you, it still feels like he is overstepping the boundaries. Having said that- maybe the guys know how this feels too! A friend of mine told me of how he gets his ass grabbed an uncomfortably high amount when he is out and the girls who take part in this act actually think it is the right way to go about it.
They’re not putting themselves on the line by walking past, taking their cheeky grab and turning over their shoulder in case the person is giggling with delight and then they can go back and make their next move… no, they’re taking the cheap, disgusting and easy way out.
Enter the Mule. They are all cowards. But who is the bigger coward? The girls who run from their fancies or the guys who don’t have the balls to use their brains and forget where the line is. They don’t have the guts to say anything real. But then on the other hand, if they did, would a girl believe it anyway?
A night out is uncertain territory when taking part in the act of pulling and attracting the opposite sex. If you are looking for a one-nighter, maybe with the right person and the right amount of alcohol, some sweet one-liners will do the trick. But if you see someone you want to see on a more sober one on one basis, how do you ensure they take you seriously?
I’d say that it’s the person, not the poetry. It doesn’t really matter what they say, if there is something between the two of you, it won’t matter if he says the wrong thing. For example, a friend told me that when she first met her boyfriend in a club and he asked for her number she thought “why not?” and gave it to him.  Only for him to then say, “what’s your name again?” Well that should have been it there and then really, but despite his absolute idiocy, it didn’t matter because there was something else there. And luckily for them, it stayed there! On the other hand, it DOES matter if he touches the wrong thing…
Another mule who could benefit by any straight object to provide some slight back bone are the ones that want to dump you and just don’t have the guts to tell you. They wait until they have treated you badly enough for you to want to break up with them.. then they don’t have to feel guilty. I would again call these ‘cowards’, after talking to friends however, a new phrase came into the picture. The “bad boys” of the world.
At some point girls grow up and realise that a bad boy isn’t going to pay the bills.
I found this curiously interesting, and got me thinking about what would actually constitute as being a ‘bad boy’. Are we talking about troublesome boys who you end up in the back of a police car with but you continue dating because there’s absolutely no way your parents would ever approve and that’s sort of fun? Or are they what would more accurately be known as “dickheads”? Or, is the definition not even that clear? I would guess that most girls would claim to have dated a ‘bad boy’, so please tell me girls- why was he a ‘bad boy’? Whatever this breed of boy may consist of, my thoughts focus on the reasons why girls are drawn to guys who, for one reason or another, they know are bad for them. The younger girls of the world, perhaps do it for the drama, for the fun. Perhaps you think this is utter crap, but after watching all the programmes on TV where break ups are portrayed to be the ABSOLUTE worst thing that could ever happen to you, is it any wonder that young girls take break ups so badly? And perhaps why they cling to that one male because that’s all they know. As we grow up, perhaps it is certain other thrills that keep girls from leaving a relationship they are allergic to, and I wish someone had the power to make them believe that there’s so much better out there!
It came from an unlikely contributor, however I have to say this is one that will be stored in the Wise Quotes file. 
And what about the people who are just too damn scared to fall in love? This can be pinned to neither males or females as in some form or another it is inevitable that we all experience the soul destroying phase in which we believe love is a lie and it’s not really out there. And whether to believe it or not probably lies with how someone is making you feel right now. Can we justify these people as mules? Scared and unable to commit is not the same as reluctant to fall in love, but the unfortunate similarity is that it means keeping a distance from the other person and never fully letting them in.
As we all know, you have to risk something if you want to stand a chance of getting any benefits from life. So whether you put yourself on the line is really up to you, just try to make sure there isn’t a mule in sight.
“Keep your head up and your heart strong.” Ben Howard ❤