Young & Wild & Keen.

Young & Wild & Free Keen
The Tale of… The Virgin Mary
3oz Tomato Juice
1/2 oz Lemon Juice
1 dash of Worcestershire sauce
Celery Salt
Ground Pepper
Hot pepper/ Tabasco sauce
Celery Stick for garnish


“I’ve Got Love For you if you born in… just born”

 Having recently left my teenage years behind me, it got me thinking about the real teenage dream. Aside from being the ultimate song to always get me on the dancefloor and guarantee to put a smile on my face, I can’t help but think that Katy Perry has in fact got it spot on. And hopefully, closing in on 30 herself, it really doesn’t matter how old you are, if you are young at heart and don’t fall into the doom of a rut relationship, we can all still live the teenage dream when it comes to love. 
Having said this, what I have found to be interesting when it comes to age and relationships, is how much your perspective of them change. How they change as you start new ones. And how your perspective changes of the old ones when you look back on them. 
When you’re in early teens, there seems to be a tendancy to fall into long-term relationships. With that longing to be old enough so your parents aren’t always on your case, you can stay out until when you want, drive and drink (NOT at the same time kids), comes a certain view that your relationship has to be as serious as you are taking yourself. And so are born the 14 year olds who say they are “in love”.
I’m not sure how I feel about the old “you’re never too young to be in love”, but I am quite confident in guessing that most of these guys and gals look back when they’re 18 and think- what was I thinking?!
As you enter what you think is the more mature end of the teens at 16 and 17, you’ve started to experience new things, driving, probably sex and as things are these days, drink most likely! You’ve learnt not to jump into relationships as quickly and revel in enjoying dating and getting to know new people. But the ones that still fall into the trap of falling hard, still seem to be sucked into a whirl wind of something they are adamant is exactly what they have seen on “The Notebook”. Who’s to say they’re wrong? But when the wind beneath their wings suddenly dies and they plummet to the ground, they remain to be surprised- they were in love right?
Wrong. Talking to just a few of my friends, they all said that they had said the words that can’t be named when they were younger and they look back now wondering how they could have possibly thought it was true.
So maybe age doesn’t matter when it comes to falling for someone, but maybe be careful not to shout it from the rooftops thinking you’ve found your Noah, because chances are, he doesn’t build a house and turn mad whilst he waits for you to waltz back into his life.
Aside from thinking about age, turning the big Two O got me thinking about lasts, the last kiss I would have as a teenager, the last night out I had as a teenager, when suddenly it dawned on me that what I should be thinking about were my firsts. All of the first things I still had to come. And from that, I thought about the firsts I had already had. First kiss, first love, first … you know.
If we’re going to talk about butterflies, which are rare, it doesn’t get much better than a first. Firsts really are something to treasure because they are so rare (us University students will vouch for that one!). If not something to treasure, at least something to remember (or not in some cases) or maybe even a good story to tell…

Like a Virgin…
Tale #1- Let’s call him Harry.  A true “aww bless” type tale of a boy who wanted the first time to be a romantic night filled with candles and Enrique Iglesias’ beautiful voice. Literally. They had chosen the playlist together, bought the candles and picked the date. The most organised sex I have ever heard of. Unfortunately their desired date just so happened to clash with their last day of school and so alcohol dominated and took the battle as the mighty male crashed to sleep on the bed before being able to use his secret… weapon.
The following day was luckily more successful, but the 8 songs they had put on the playlist may have been a little too optimistic…
Tale #2. Let’s call her Jane.  A long term relationship that had had its fair share of ups and downs. For this reason, the first time had been postponed for a while and so when it finally came to it, there was no risk of awkwardness or embarrassment. They were completely comfortable with one another and were frankly more than ready. A quick slap in the face with a condom was all it took, and they were off. It was an hour later before they crossed the finish line… Good things really do come to those who wait.
Tale #3. Let’s call him Nick. “It’s not even worth a story.”
When it comes to first kisses standards are certainly falling. As I have said before, kissing now seems to have become an “opening act” or as Ingrid Bergman would say something to do when talking becomes “superfluous”. The chances of having a romantic first kiss are significantly lowered through the dismal fact that you probably have kissed within moments of meeting. Some Friends of mine had some interesting insights on this though…
Now Rachel, I think you’re getting a bit too carried away there with the concept that “everything you need to know is in that first kiss”. Everything you need to know is in the first time they screw you over. You can only hope that everything in that first kiss knows what they’re doing, when enough becomes too much and tastes like spearmint.
Having said that, it is true that only too often is the opening act cut off just as the audience was getting really into it. If you really want the audience ready for the headliners, you have to make sure their warmed up first…

First kisses generally remain a memory for the two of you to share and will be fairly mundane to an outsider. However, having heard a tale or two, here are some of the ones I found interesting.

Tale #1 Let’s call her Lauren. Lauren was quite a shy girl, and was very nervous about her first kiss. She had been with her ‘boyfriend’ for a few months but they still had not kissed. At a party one night, they were both sure it would happen there and so in the interest of not shaking at the knees every time he walked towards her, she had a few drinks to give her some confidence. Alas the moment was upon her, as he leaned in towards her she felt her head go tingly and fuzzy and start… spinning. Of course, she had to make a quick detour away from his head at the last second to be sick all over him.

Tale #2. Let’s call her Natalie. Natalie was with a boy when she was about 11, they had been ‘going out’ for about 2 weeks and their farewells had been filled with awkward hugs for the entirety of the ‘relationship’. On a walk home from school she said he took a step by taking her hand and they walked hand in hand together… for about a minute before she felt weird and pretended to look in her bag for something. Putting this down to just being nervous or embarrassed when it came to saying goodbye to him today and he went in for his usual hug and then went in for the kill she assumed she would be fine. As their lips met her first instinct was not to close her eyes, or thoughts on where she should put her hands, she proceeded to dump him there and then. “I’m not really sure what happened, I obviously wasn’t impressed!” Perhaps it was the moment that showed her how she really felt, although, one would hope for a more opportune moment. He was probably still puckered as she said the words. 

With the many tales I could tell about firsts, this post could go on for much longer. But in the interest of the exam I have… tomorrow, I’ll leave you with my favourite first kiss. 
The Time Square Kiss