The Cry Baby Blues

I Don’t Know Why, But I’d Love To Know What Makes Him Cry

The Tale of… The Cry Baby Blues 


4 1/2 oz Strawberry Guava Juice
1 oz Blue Curacao Liqueur 
1 oz Vodka 


Having spent the last 3 days working on an essay about how advertisers sell tampons, you would think I was sick of talking about the things. But it reminded of that video I saw a while back, it was released by Bodyform as a response to a Facebook message left on their page from some guy saying that their adverts were a lie and it had led him to a complete misunderstanding as to what happens around a woman’s period.
Can guys really be so naive? So unknowing? So stupid!?
We get taught about this sort of thing when we are about 9 years old. We know about your ‘wet dreams’ and morning glory, so why do you find it so hard to comprehend what occurs during that special time of the month. And if you understand the biology of it, why can’t you understand that shockingly, whilst our bodies are going through quite an unusual process, it might just make us, let’s say, a little under the weather. 
It may come as a surprise to you, but it’s not our favourite time either. Breaking down in tears because you wanted a blue pen and you’ve just started writing with a black pen may not be entirely rational, and believe us we know it too, but unfortunately during this time, our bodies and hormones do not understand such concepts. Perspective seems to vanish somewhere for a week or so and in a flash of lightning we can go from perfectly fine to OHMGODIHATEEVERYTHINGANDEVERYONE. And it would do you better to either go away, say nothing, or bring us cake.
Having a group of male friends like I do, these are the sorts of things we have never tended to bring up. It’s the boyfriends that have to deal with these sorts of moments, you try to hide them from the rest of the world. So I was caught off guard when one of their girlfriends asked me and my female friends why we hadn’t prepared them and taught them about this girly stuff so they would know when they got a girlfriend. We had no idea. I guess we assumed they knew?
But apparently not! Boys seem completely overwhelmed. There is something so powerful about tears, boys just can’t handle a crying girl – and it is made so much worse here because BONUS we’re crying over nothing.
I am curious though, as to whether crying can in fact be used as a weapon. I know you males think we can turn on the tears at the drop of a hat, which yes we can do, but that doesn’t mean we choose to. Just like we never fake it…  
But it would be an interesting form of defense to have grounded in case of that moment when I realise I’m completely wrong but I’m not going to say that, so how else do I get out of this still with the result that he has to be nice to me? 
Why does crying affect guys so much? I’m sure most would sit there and tell you that they never cry, or they haven’t cried since they were 5 years old or something ridiculous. Quite honestly, they need to get over themselves, because no one is buying it.
It is true that they don’t cry over the same things as us girls, but that doesn’t mean they never do. And whilst talking to a group of male friends, I discovered something very interesting. One of them said that guys won’t cry during an argument, they won’t get upset whilst you’re screaming abuse and hurling insults back and forth, but come the end of the argument when you’ve made up and the girl is back to her normal self, the whole situation comes to overwhelm him and it seems it is now that after the anger is gone, he is just left with the emotion.  I’d be interested to speak to some more guys about this and see what it is that strikes a guys heart strings, but I don’t think I’ll ever get a big enough group of guys to admit that firstly, they do cry, and secondly, the truth about why. But if any of you would like to share, I’m eager to listen!
Crying is perhaps one of the things that makes us human, we have the capacity to feel and show different emotions. Personally, I can’t say I enjoy the experience of crying, even when it’s happy tears. Actually, especially when it’s happy tears. Those moments when something incredible happens and you are filled with such joy that you just start blubbering I feel more out of control of myself than when I’m crying because I’ve had an argument. Having said that, if you haven’t watched the video of the lion reunited with his owners after year, that is an experience everyone must have.
Some people argue that crying is a sign of weakness which is maybe why so many guys try to push against it and deny ever doing it. Others say it’s healthy to express your emotions, which of course is better than keeping them all trapped inside until they become too much, but I have to admit, I feel becoming too comfortable with crying is definitely not a healthy option.  Thinking that every time something bothers you is reason enough to start blubbering is not a good habit to get into. At the end of the day sometimes you have to take things on the chin, be strong enough to turn a blind eye and not to crack under the smallest amount of strain. You have to have a stronger back bone to survive in this world.
Having said that, when the hormones arrive right on schedule, ignore everything said above, and stay the hell out of my way.