Trendsetting on Shopcade

For those of you who haven’t heard of, it is a website that houses items added by Featured Trendsetters. You can join Shopcade and start to build your own lists of items you love, so that you can come back to them later. The more you use Shopcade, the more points you gain, which you can use to get rewards and unlock offers exclusive to Shopcade! You are bound to discover brands you’ve never heard of and find wonderful products and offers. You can follow other people, as well as the Featured Trendsetters to see what products they add to their lists. As a Featured Trendsetter I add 150 products a week. So follow as many people as you can, and let other people find all the hidden gems online and you just pick your favourites from them!


I have developed a love for shopping for furniture. The only thing that makes my impending and unknown future less frightening is finding all the beautiful things I will be able to decorate a new home with. I have discovered so many brands that I’d not heard of before and they have revealed a world of gorgeous products which I now spend my time adding to my lists. One website that has particularly gained my love is, if you’ve not seen it before, go there now, trust me. It is unique in that the website is the home for thousands of smaller businesses whose products are available to buy through the website, so the variety on the website is incomparable.  Some of my favourites were even used for a feature on Shopcade!

My feature on


shopcade feature


To see all the items in my many lists on Shopcade, follow the link!