A Cosmopolitan FairyTale

As we come to the final day of voting in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013, I decided to share my Cosmopolitan tale, you can find it on HerUni.com where it was originally published. http://www.heruni.com/a-cosmopolitan-fairytale/

Every year Cosmopolitan UK holds the Cosmo Blog Awards, giving bloggers all over the world the chance to have their work recognised, shared and celebrated. With an array of categories including Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Vlogs, International, Craft, Interior, Travel and Sex and Relationships.

This year Cosmopolitan received over 43,000 entries, but managed to narrow it down to the shortlist. Voting then opened for the shortlisted blogs and we’re now only a day away until the voting closes (so go get your votes in quick!). Following this, a panel of judges will go over all of the blogs again and taking into account the voting results, decide on the winners who will be announced at an awards ceremony in October.

Events that recognise blogging in this way are an incredible thing to have. Not only does it allow for bloggers to be celebrated, it allows readers and other bloggers to branch out their knowledge and enjoyment of reading as well as writing. Whether you’re a blogger or not, I would urge you to go through the shortlist and check out some of the amazing blogs that have been chosen this year.

Blogs can, and should be appreciated for all sorts of reasons and the variety of blogs that are out there is immense. An event like this can open your eyes to such things, to blogs that you didn’t even know existed and to the creativeness of people all round the world. It is no secret that the world has changed and is changing still. The jobs you will get after leaving University probably don’t even exist now.

My Cosmopolitan CockTale FairyTale 

Well, I’ll pinch myself as I write this, but my own blog, Cupcakes and CockTales was amazingly shortlisted in the Sex and Relationships category. Naturally, when I found out I ran around the house screaming, with only the dog there to give me concerned looks and run under the bed for protection from whatever had caused me to behave like such a lunatic. My cheeks ached for about a week because of the smiling I did in that one day. The hits on my blog shot upwards and suddenly, people knew what CockTales were…

It was a strange feeling. Someone actually likes these strange ramblings I spend hours writing. The concept of being chosen from an entry population of 43,000 was the hardest to get my head around and when I finally did, it was extremely humbling.

Reading other blogs has always been something I spent hours doing, they are second to the national magazines I read, even when I wasn’t a blogger myself. So in addition to my own nomination, I wanted to gain something else from the awards, as I do every year, the pleasure of discovering blogs I had not seen before. And didn’t I just! I set aside a Saturday afternoon and went through every single blog on the shortlist- yes, every single one.

I even had the pleasure of being the one to deliver the news to someone else.

The Messenger

When going through the Next Newcomer Award category, which is located on a different website to the rest of the shortlist, I discovered Laura Louise. I won’t tell you too much about her, you should go and read it for yourself,http://lauralouiseandhernaughtydisease.blogspot.co.uk/, but Laura is 23 and was diagnosed with cancer in November 2012, she blogs about her journey battling cancer.

I commented on the post telling her I’d voted for her and thought the blog would help a lot of people. There was something different about it. I can imagine if I were going through something similar, I would find her blog to be a friend to turn to for guidance, for someone who understood what I was going through, and wasn’t afraid to talk about it. Even without truly knowing what she’s going through, reading her blog provides perspective and I’ve been following the journey of someone who in spite of what she’s been through, has never given up and doesn’t even appear to feel sorry for herself. It’s an amazing thing to discover people who have the ability to inspire and to share their strength in such a way that it makes others want to be stronger.

A few days later, I saw her post a tweet and a new blog post stating that she’d had no idea that she’d been shortlisted and it was my comment that had led her to discover she had been shortlisted.

“I got a pretty big shock to discover a comment left on one of my posts today from someone telling me they had voted for me to win and loved the blog. I didn’t even know I was shortlisted and I reread the comment about 20 times. I couldn’t believe it, it was the best surprise ever. I cried in the Tesco car park surrounded by far too many people”

Finding out that I had been shortlisted was one of the best moments of my life. But knowing I’d helped to give that moment to someone else was pretty amazing too.