What you don’t know about him…

He probably hates hand jobs.

from you at least. 

I’m not kidding.  This is apparently a thing. An evening with friends led to a revelation that this is a fact, and applies to most guys. 

So hate is probably a strong word, but it seems, they would sooner not have one. Of course, it came as no surprise that it was in third place to sex and that other thing girls really like doing.  However, the revelation that the reason behind this lack of desire was because girls don’t know what they’re doing, did actually come as a bit of a shock. I mean, how hard can it be? It’s a fairly basic movement, a variety of speeds sure, but he is welcome to state his preference. But no, it seems no matter what we’re doing, all they’re thinking is “Just let me do it myself”.  I can imagine that at the times when there’s nothing else on the menu, he’ll take the mediocre appetiser, and so this is probably why they have kept it on the DL, but if that’s really how they feel, I suggest we do indeed just let them do it themselves! 

In his effort to provide justification for this bombshell and deter me from thinking men are ungrateful toads and many a female arm-ache have been complete wastes, my friend provided me with this creative explanation.

Go to 6:40.


Mr. Is has informed me this is not true, (of course he would, he doesn’t want his girlfriend to find out the truth). But really, I think we all need to just be honest and mature about the whole situation. So girls, our hand jobs are crap…

Well your sex face looks like this

chandler's sex face