The Cosmo Blog Awards 2013

Life often gets in the way of the things you really want to be doing and so my post on the Cosmo Blog Awards is significantly later than I had planned to post it. On the other hand, as the talk surrounding the evening has died down now, I do not count it a negative to be bringing it up again as it was such a brilliant night.

I was over the moon with the winner in my category (the one I think I was secretly routing for) Reasons to be Single, whose blog is a basket of brilliance in writing and I will continue to follow for the forseeable future.

I was lucky enough to meet nearly all of the other bloggers in my category, as well as a few other personal favourites including Olivia from What Olivia Did, Lucy from Lulutrixabelle and Laura Louise from Laura Louise and her Naughty Disease. If you read my blog, you will have read about Laura before in my Cosmopolitan Fairy Tale post. Laura was the first person I recognised and I spent the rest of the night drinking cocktails with her, which was made all the more brilliant when she was announced as the winner of the Next Newcomer Award. To say it was well deserved would be a massive understatement, and if you haven’t read her blog yet you really need to!

blog awards 2

brit bloggers

photo booth

Olivia from What Olivia Did

With Olivia from What Olivia Did