The Morning After the Night Before: Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014

As many of you will know I was lucky enough to attend the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards on 7th October as a shortlisted  member of the Best Sex & Relationships category. To be shortlisted out of over 46,000 entries was incredible and so I was beaming ear to ear just being in that cupcake and cocktail filled room with so many talented bloggers.

We gathered at the OXO2 Tower in Central London and consumed numerous drinks with long names. I could spend hours listing all the reasons why it was like-totally-the-best-night-ever but the floods of pictures do a pretty good job- #cosmoblogawards

I’d like to give a shout out to everyone in the Best Sex & Relationships category, including the winner Sex and London City and to all the lovely ladies I met on the night. Also a huge thank you to Remington for fixing what was humiliating hair, The London Dolls, all the brands that contributed to the goodybag, and of course Two Little Cats Bakery for giving me coconut buttercream.

cosmo blog 3

As a writer, I accept that you will either like my writing, dislike it, agree or disagree entirely- but wouldn’t it just be SO boring to post a ‘balanced argument’?.. seriously that’s what essays are for. We put our work out there and risk it being subject to judgement and scrutiny and so to receive recognition like this from Cosmopolitan, the publication at the forefront of sex and relationship writing, is a kind of feeling I cannot explain. Without thousands of followers to boast, I am overjoyed to know that this achievement is based on the content of my blog and that is a wonderful thing to know.


An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who nominated, voted and supported me and of course a huge thank you to Cosmopolitan for the event and the incredible honour. It was amazing to be shortlisted, but out-of-this-world to be awarded the Highly Commended in this category.


Stay tuned for more “did she really just say that?” moments and capitalisations of words like ORGASM.


cosmo blog 2